GNM for Health Practitioners
Guidelines for the practical application of German New Medicine

DATES: Details to  be announced

Time: 11am to 2pm ET (Toronto time)
Details to  be announced

Registration and Payment: Details to  be announced
When you have registered, please complete the Health Practitioner Declaration form and send it to Dr. Alvin whose email address you will find on the Declaration form.

Please note that in order to qualify to register for this course, you must be a licensed or certified health
practitioner. This course is specifically intended for people who are legally qualified to treat or consult with
patients/clients in their respective country or online. Please note that this course will not give participants
the legal authority to treat/consult with patients as a “GNM practitioner”.

Prerequisites: A firm knowledge of the Five Biological Laws

Course Overview: The objective of this course is to expand the practitioners’ knowledge and confidence
of applying GNM in their clinical practice. Each session will provide the participant with an opportunity to:

  • review a specific Biological Special Program topic
  • learn from case studies relevant to the specific health conditions being discussed
  • ask specific questions about a practitioner’s client or case study*

*Course participants will be given an outline they can fill out and send in prior to each session, before a specified deadline. This outline will include general information about a particular case/client they are treating, and questions they may have related to their case. We will then choose which cases to present for each session and questions that will be discussed.

Details to  be announced

This online course will be held in a workshop format with time reserved for Q&A periods.

Recording: The GNM for Health Practitioners Course is a live online event. Participants are expected to
be present during all 4 sessions. Please make sure you can attend all event dates prior to registration. A
recording or replay of the event will not be made available.