The discoveries of Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer - presented by Caroline Markolin, Ph.D.
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Time: April 12: 5 – 8 pm, April 13-15: 9 am – 5 pm

Seminar Cost: € 440; or € 390 for early bird registration (latest: February 1, 2018)

Prerequisites: A firm knowledge of the Five Biological Laws.
Please watch Caroline’s video “Introduction to the Five Biological Laws” and
prior to the seminar.

For registration and payments please email Margie Lynch at
or phone her at 00 353 (86) 2528627


viewed from the perspective of German New Medicine

The seminar covers ...

MOODS AND BEHAVIOURS caused by Biological Conflicts

Topics include: mood swings, lack of emotions, aggression, social withdrawal, perfectionism, low libido, promiscuity, homosexuality, escaping reality, denial, getting easily lost, chronic unpunctuality, bragging, forgetfulness, submissiveness, controlling others, macho-behaviour, preoccupation with death, excessive talking, self-talk, sleep walking, out-of-body experiences, strong interests in spirituality and the paranormal.  


Topics include: depression, manic-depression (bi-polar disorders), obsessive compulsions, paranoia, hearing voices, delusions, megalomania, autism, personality changes, self-mutilation, suicidal thoughts, spontaneous crime, motor tics, dementia and confusion (Alzheimer), learning difficulties (Attention Deficit Disorder), hyperactivity (Hyperactive Disorder), maturity stop.

The knowledge of GNM helps us achieve a greater understanding of ourselves and those around us.